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We thrive in early through late stage testing methods. We helped conduct pioneering research in both Rapid Iterative Testing & Evaluation (RITE) and Benchmark Usability Testing methods. Whether rapid testing in days or benchmarking across years, and everything in between, we have helped our clients test, measure, and validate their products for 10+ years.

Testing Services

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Usability and User Testing

International Testing

  • Global testing experience for large or small studies — White Paper: International Research
  • Local cultural logistics coordination
  • Interpreting findings for local or widespread adoption

Rapid Iterative Testing & Evaluation

  • Rapid agile testing to drive design ideation with real users — e.g., Stitcher Radio “A-ha!” 
  • Fast-paced testing in days or rigorous testing across months
  • Light metrics to inform design — e.g., expectations vs. actual experience

Benchmark Measurement Systems

  • Robust testing system development; e.g., FDA testing: Varian Medical Systems
  • Custom metrics to client and product needs
  • Proven track record in challenging environments

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