Bolder in Boulder.

At EchoUser, we partner with leaders in complex industries to solve impossible problems. That’s what made Colorado a natural fit for EchoUser when we opened our doors here in 2015. Since then, the Colorado team has grown to feature thought leaders in research, big data/machine learning, aerospace, energy and industrial design.

Designing on Mountain Time.

EchoUser prides ourselves in having a deep-bench of expertise to design any experience. Here in Colorado, that means we’re guiding complex User and Market Research studies to the right conclusions in Oil and Gas. It also means designing the insides of satellites. And running Design Thinking workshops for leaders in the medical, cannabis and SaaS verticals.

Have questions? We co-founded the UXR Meetup to discuss, stretch, and invent research methodologies to study and support design for the complex work that’s being done on the Front Range. Plus, our Office Hours are available for free consultation to anyone who’s got an idea and questions about Design Methodology.

So drop us a line! We’d love to hear more about what you do and how we can help!

Tube to Work Day, 2017.

I recently attended the experimental Diversity Lab facilitated by Katie and her partners [at EchoUser]. I left with this impression: Wow! Katie is one of the most dynamic, engaging and approachable facilitators I have seen in a long time. She held the group together through a jam-packed day with her honesty, experience, excellent facilitation skills, and overall awesome personality.”

— Sage Jensen, FullContact.

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