Experience Explorers.

Complexity Destroyers.

Mick McGeeCEO& Co-Founder

Rare Bird Runner.
Part-time swimmer.

Aaron RichCOO & Co-Founder

EchoUser Co-founder.
UX Evangelist.
Craft beer connoisseur.

Rally PagulayanVice President, Experience Design

Greyhound whisperer.
Maker extraordinaire.
Design Duckrector.

Noah KerseyDirector of Research

Beach lover.
Climber of rocks.
Always curious.

Brenton ElmoreDirector of Design

Trail Runner, Skier.
Researcher, Designer, Mentor.

Amelia AltavenaDirector, EchoUser Rockies

Avid outdoors-woman.
Connoisseur of fake cheese-like products.

Patrick SternDirector, Account Management

Ocean devotee.
Avid backpacker.

Richard StileOffice Administrator

Dog dad.
Iced coffee addict.
Live music enthusiast.
Comic book nerd.

Navarre JosephPrincipal Experience Designer

Ponderer of wicked problems.
Wine devotee.

Laura MattisSenior Experience Designer

Knitting aficionado.
East coaster at heart.
Cat mom.

Yi-Ying LinSenior Experience Designer

“What’s the meaning of life” researcher.
Asian glow expert.

Zach HerringSenior Experience Designer

Scruffy nerf-herder.

Stephen GarlandSenior Experience Designer

Always making.
Ever fascinated.

Virg LeynesExperience Designer

Chocoholic. Comic.
Serious Gastronomic.
Chronic academic.

Lilian QianExperience Designer

Animation enthusiast.
Fun experience explorer.

Katie JohnsonSenior Experience Researcher, EchoUser Rockies


Susie ZhangExperience Designer

Sushi dreamer.
Underdog rooter.
Simplicity seeker.

Jie TangExperience Designer

Aquarius girl.
Animal lover (no birds).
Fashion addict.

Yifei LiuExperience Design Associate

Spicy food lover.
Chinese reality show addict.
Typography enthusiast.

Evan FishmanExperience Researcher

Lone theater-goer.
Cheeseburger connoisseur.
MMA enthusiast.

Alexander StrandbergExperience Researcher

Dog lover.
Tabletop game enthusiast.
Future Internet historian.

Lisa OttoExperience Researcher

Rabbit caretaker.
Urban hiker.
Expert dog watcher
Horrible speller.

Deirdre HirshtrittExperience Researcher

Dog enthusiast. Ice cream lover. Research fanatic.

Christine LeeExperience Researcher

Sweater lover. Sweater weather lover. Color enthusiast.

Meagan SharifExperience Researcher
Rawan AbuShabanMarketing Associate, Client Relations

Hummus connoisseur.

ShastaDog, EchoUser Rockies

Man’s (and woman’s) best friend.
Bringer of smiles.
Butt sniffer.

In the beginning, there was Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist (beyond its cool translation of “time spirit”) is a San Francisco bar where Mick convinced Aaron and Manik that chasing ANY experience was not only fun, but a great idea for a company. After a beer and a sunny afternoon, they were sold.

But everything really started by breaking the rules at Oracle. While working there we formed an “underground” research team to experiment on ourselves. We essentially researched research and redesigned design. The people and ideas developed became the core team and principles for EchoUser and our Any Experience philosophy that we still strive for to this day.

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