Conducting contextual interviews to create personas that help an energy company understand their users.


Tendril is a cloud-based software platform that provides the infrastructure and analytics required to deliver personalized energy services.

The company already had clear marketing segments, but wanted to understand true user behavior when it came to home energy usage. They wanted EchoUser to help them create defendable, research-based personas that could be used for future feature development.


We conducted over 20 remote and in-person interviews across the US to gain better insights into the behavior of people around energy efficiency. This involved visiting users in their homes to observe and interpret their energy-related habits. From this massive amount of qualitative and quantitative data, we created personas to represent archetype users in terms of attitudes, motivations, and behaviors concerning their energy usage.


After conducting numerous interviews, we delivered our findings — particularly the spectra of behavior — in the form of personas. The personas we developed helped to ground internal and external design and business discussions, and ensured that decisions were based on real user stories, needs, and behaviors.


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