Linkagoal: Redesigning for a Digital Community

Redefining the experience of a unique social network made for creating, sharing, and achieving goals.


Linkagoal is a social network where users can compose and share their personal goals while communally supporting other users to achieve their own. EchoUser was tasked with creating a more complete and engaging experience using the framework and principles of the existing product. Over the duration of seven total months, we worked with Linkagoal on a complete design overhaul for both mobile and desktop user experiences.


During the initial discovery month, we conducted a series of thorough interviews to collect insights from current and potential users. Afterward, we supplemented these observations by performing an expert analysis. Translating data into practical and apprised information, we then channeled our critical findings into our areas of focus: user experience, retention, and journeys.

Establishing a Framework

Our team had compiled enough information and constructed a deep enough understanding of Linkagoal’s product, target users, and problem areas to blueprint the framework that would guide the overall redesign. Insights derived from the expert analysis and user interviews informed the creation of specific architectural site components, allowing us to piece the site together on a high level.

Redesigning Linkagoal

During the course of the redesign, the primary framework gave us a foundation upon which to link core objects on the site that correspond to key elements of the user experience. With this high level overview, we began to work on goals, which are the user’s core site interaction, and progressed to other key areas — the dashboard, profile, and explore page — strengthening the flow and experiential relationship between each. These improved underlying structural elements would provide a cohesive base for the Linkagoal community to share and achieve.

We began this phase of development with conceptual wireframes, collaborating frequently and consistently between the EchoUser team as well as the Linkagoal team. After rapidly iterating our designs into medium fidelity wireframes, we then proceeded to take a number of these designs into lightweight usability testing to enhance our mockups based on user findings.

A few iterations and another round of user testing later, we were ready to progress into high fidelity wireframes.


The final high fidelity wireframes reflect an experience in which the Linkagoal user can easily see and update their own progress and empower and motivate the progress of others in their community. We believe the new site will encourage users to remain engaged on the Linkagoal platform, as well as active in pursuing their own goals.


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