Simplifying a complex system without compromising the tool’s capabilities.


Hoopla is a tool that makes tedious task completion exhilarating by aggregating and “ESPN-ifying” data from sales, call centers through Salesforce. The interface seemed exciting indeed, but the admin center to set up these screens was overly complex for the types of users who needed to set up and maintain the tool.

EchoUser’s initial task was to conduct a heuristic review of Hoopla’s administrator control panel. The review identified a number of issues, including the fact that a significant amount of important information was hidden from the user, and that the overall system was too complex for the majority of users to understand.


Through a comprehensive redesign, the EchoUser team updated the control panel to allow users to more easily manage large numbers of Hoopla players and create channels. The new interface moved away from a “database” model to a more inclusive, user-centric approach.

We began by outlining how the system was currently modeled and sketched potential rearrangements that would make more sense to the user and become more conducive to their workflow.

We also resolved many issues found in the heuristic analysis. This was done through iterations of the system in low to medium fidelity.


Using traditional heuristics — visibility, discoverability, navigation, and information hierarchy — along with our experience across a wide breadth of products and domains, we recommended several flow changes for the Hoopla administrator control panel. Ultimately, changing the behavior and structure of the UI helped us to better match the experience with the needs of the user.


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