Yee-haw! Celebratin’ Halloween + Farming!

A farming-themed Halloween in celebration of our submittal to the USDA Innovation Challenge (which we won.)

It’s that time of the year when leaves start changing colors and pumpkins are everywhere! The theme of this year’s Halloween party was — farming! A lot of flannel shirts, overalls, straw hats and cowboy boots! Oh and the pink unicorn is back, hiding right in the corner…

The farming theme came from one of the many interesting projects we do here at EchoUser. Inspired by a colleague who grew up on a farm in Iowa, a few EchoUsers (Carol, Yalu, Seiko and Mick) along with an external team Applied Technical Systems (ATS) wanted to see what they can do to help farmers become more productive. They interviewed a wide spectrum of farmers and learned about their workflow, motivations and challenges. One of the EchoUsers even dressed up like farmers in order to build rapport with them and now she’s the Top 1 “MOST WANTED” in the farmers’ blacklist! Here’s a video showing their excellent work!

Public voting for the USDA Innovation Challenge is now up. Please support us and throw us a vote here!

EchoUser Team

November 2, 2015

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