25 04 2019
Posted by Kate Carey
Lessons from Hosting Contextual Inquiry Workshops

At EchoUser, we pride ourselves on staying curious and constantly honing our craft. That’s why we launched a new professional development initiative at the beginning of this year, to continue...

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20 02 2017
Posted by Amelia Altavena
Live Sketching at NASA’s Big Think

At the close of 2016, NASA held it's annual Big Think conference, a one-day, interdisciplinary workshop that pools the acumen and expertise of scientists, engineers, and other top industry minds...

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03 09 2015
Posted by Rally Pagulayan
Today’s Design Sprint Fundamentals

Imagine the last time you were participating in a design sprint, where were you? Who were you working with? What was the outcome? Design sprints have become a staple in...

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