27 10 2017
Posted by Echouser Team
Designing Avatars for Cats

National Cat Day is on October 29th -- and we’re already celebrating. At EchoUser, our pets have a special place in our hearts. Jie Tang, experience designer and pet enthusiast,...

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25 09 2017
Posted by Echouser Team
8 Tips to Maximize Your Experience with a UX Agency

Throughout my entire career, I have worked for UX teams in big companies. I have spent millions of dollars with UX Agencies when our projects required resources that we did...

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28 08 2017
Posted by Rawan
Designing Avatars for Dogs

August 26 marked an auspicious occasion: National Dog Day! ‘Tis a joyous day, one for us to celebrate the pups and paws that fill our homes with companionship and our...

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18 12 2014
Posted by Echouser Team
The Ups and Downs of UX in 2014

With 2014 coming to an end, EchoUser is taking a step back to reflect on how the year went, what we loved about it, and what we’re not so sorry...

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