user research

25 04 2019
Posted by Kate Carey
Lessons from Hosting Contextual Inquiry Workshops

At EchoUser, we pride ourselves on staying curious and constantly honing our craft. That’s why we launched a new professional development initiative at the beginning of this year, to continue...

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22 03 2018
Posted by Rawan
The “IZE” Method: A UX Research Framework

Let’s face it, user experience research is a fickle companion. On one hand, we’re able to draw upon centuries of research knowledge, from various fields, to help us understand and...

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16 03 2018
Posted by Rawan
Running a Research Debrief

Two colleagues and I recently finished a four-month project where we explored the ambiguous intersection of a couple of different concepts: We conducted 30+ moderated feedback sessions and ran a...

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03 02 2016
Posted by Londa Overbeck
Personas and Journey Mapping

To ensure products are hitting the mark with users, it’s important to understand who your users are and develop a holistic perspective of their experiences. What do users care about?...

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28 10 2011
Posted by Noah Kersey
People (un)like myself

One of the ongoing challenges of user research, as well as usability testing, is trying to understand the experiences of another person, a person who may have a very different...

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