usability testing

23 05 2014
Posted by Boaz Gurdin
An Adventure in Agile User Testing

Last week I cut my usability-test-participant recruiting time from one week down to one minute. Granted, it was an easier demographic than usual - American adults with a pulse, not...

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24 09 2013
Posted by Kimra McPherson
Participating in Research: It’s Not (Just) About the Money

Before I was on the professional side of the user experience "glass," I offered my expertise to the field in a different way: as a participant in a fairly large...

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17 07 2013
Posted by Boaz Gurdin
Creating a Mobile Usability Testing Kit

As an increasing amount of consumer and enterprise technologies deploy mobile apps, we have an increasing demand for usability testing outside of the lab in real-world contexts. For a recent...

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02 05 2013
Posted by Vel Prakhantree
Testing from “Behind the Glass” – Functional or Freaky?

Ah the one-way mirror. Also, confusingly, called a two-way mirror. Iconic in traditional usability testing practice and imagery. But do we really need two rooms to conduct valid product testing...

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