22 03 2018
Posted by Rawan
The “IZE” Method: A UX Research Framework

Let’s face it, user experience research is a fickle companion. On one hand, we’re able to draw upon centuries of research knowledge, from various fields, to help us understand and...

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16 03 2018
Posted by Rawan
Running a Research Debrief

Two colleagues and I recently finished a four-month project where we explored the ambiguous intersection of a couple of different concepts: We conducted 30+ moderated feedback sessions and ran a...

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07 03 2018
Posted by Rawan
White Paper: International Research

Introduction Advocating for global research on the ground. User Experience Research (UXR) in global markets is essential to understanding the distinct needs, use cases, and experiences of different user groups...

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23 02 2018
Posted by Rawan
Ignite Your Research Mojo

Released just a few days ago, Dilip Chetan’s book Ignite Your Research Mojo addresses some of the most ambiguous questions posed in the field of user research. Laden with painfully...

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01 02 2018
Posted by Rawan
UX ≠ Minimalism

To the layman, overzealous college entrepreneur, or misguided professional, the thought of UX might bring to mind simplistic design, sleek look-and-feel, and minimalist UI. Basically, what they think of is...

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19 01 2018
Posted by Rawan
Boosting Product-Market Fit with UX

Product-market fit is an indicator of your product's likelihood of success in the real world. Although its metrics can be quite elusive, it's almost always definitive of your product's health...

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15 01 2018
Posted by Echouser Team
Communicating the Value of UX

Every now and then, we gather as a team to consider current and contested topics in UX design and research. Part of what we love about our discussions is the...

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06 10 2017
Posted by Echouser Team
Beyond Usability: What Else is in a Researcher’s Toolkit?

When you think of UX research you might think of usability testing, where a researcher and your team watch as your users try to achieve specific goals on your website....

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01 06 2017
Posted by Evan Fishman
Psychology of a User Experience

When a movie critic reviews a movie, he will often provide a score. 4 out of 5 stars! This score gives us an idea of how the critic experienced the...

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23 05 2017
Posted by Katie Johnson
Achieving Product Evangelism Through UX Research

Part II of my series on how to create product evangelists by using UX research to identify their greatest needs. In my previous article on Product Evangelism and UX, I...

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