11 06 2019
Posted by Yifei Liu
Let’s talk about dashboards

Designing dashboards may sound like a daunting task to many designers, at least that was how I felt when I got started. At EchoUser I’ve worked with a few clients...

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01 02 2018
Posted by Rawan
UX ≠ Minimalism

To the layman, overzealous college entrepreneur, or misguided professional, the thought of UX might bring to mind simplistic design, sleek look-and-feel, and minimalist UI. Basically, what they think of is...

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19 01 2018
Posted by Rawan
Boosting Product-Market Fit with UX

Product-market fit is an indicator of your product's likelihood of success in the real world. Although its metrics can be quite elusive, it's almost always definitive of your product's health...

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15 01 2018
Posted by Echouser Team
Communicating the Value of UX

Every now and then, we gather as a team to consider current and contested topics in UX design and research. Part of what we love about our discussions is the...

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13 07 2017
Posted by Navarre Joseph
3 Things to Consider When Taking On an Enterprise Design Project

Enterprise applications are the tools of industrial-grade data movement. They don’t just move information -- say, funds -- from a user’s checking account to a vendor’s checking account; this is...

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