19 04 2017
Posted by Echouser Team
How a Designer Captures Reality

A few months ago, I attended World IA Day, where I heard a talk called Designing for Intelligence by JD Vogt from Salesforce. One thing I deeply resonated with were...

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12 07 2016
Posted by Laura Mattis
Why Go Lo-Fi?

As a graphic designer, I used a sketchbook to take notes, make small sketches and conduct calculations. These annotated diagrams were always intended to organize myself, not to be artful...

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25 05 2016
Posted by Christina Loo
Paint Points in VR

Thanks to innovations like Google Cardboard, many people have already began to immerse themselves into the world of VR. It has been a hot topic in Silicon Valley for a...

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22 04 2016
Posted by Joanne Wong
When Simple Becomes Complicated

This post by Joanne was originally posted on her personal blog. For those who don’t know, I take a lot of photos and am fairly active on Instagram. People always...

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30 12 2014
Posted by Aaron Rich
Follow Apple’s Lead: Design with People in Mind

When startups and enterprises look to create a product that delights customers, they often turn to Apple as the company they want to emulate. Companies want their products to be...

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18 12 2014
Posted by Echouser Team
The Ups and Downs of UX in 2014

With 2014 coming to an end, EchoUser is taking a step back to reflect on how the year went, what we loved about it, and what we’re not so sorry...

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17 01 2014
Posted by Wan-Ting Huang
Cards: The Next Paradigm?

“Cards,” or “canvases,” or "those white divisions floating against a darker background" have gotten hotter than ever as a design trend in software and app user interfaces. Google Now, Pinterest,...

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06 01 2014
Posted by Laura Chang
Simple Design and the Floor 2 Mystery

Every morning when I hop into the elevator at work, I’m greeted by this little mystery: There are two identical 'Floor 2’ buttons. I was bothered by this the first...

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29 05 2013
Posted by Joanne Wong
Designing for Cultures

With Yahoo! acquiring Tumblr and re-vamping Flickr, I had a discussion with Garrett about what Yahoo! has to offer outside of these two websites. I then mentioned that Yahoo! is used...

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14 05 2013
Posted by Garrett Godsey
A Few Tips for Better UI Designs and Less Indigestion

Whether you're a grandmaster or a grasshopper, remembering these tips will help the quality of your designs and the efficiency of your workflow. Some are pretty fundamental and seem like...

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