company culture

30 04 2019
Posted by Kate Carey
Can ethical algorithms exist?

We’re re-upping our commitment to Design Justice and want to publish more about our Design Justice Reading Circle. In a recent, very timely meeting, we discussed the intersection of government...

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25 04 2019
Posted by Kate Carey
Lessons from Hosting Contextual Inquiry Workshops

At EchoUser, we pride ourselves on staying curious and constantly honing our craft. That’s why we launched a new professional development initiative at the beginning of this year, to continue...

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09 03 2016
Posted by Lily Yichoy
Company Culture

Upholding company culture. This is one of my responsibilities as the Operations Administrator at EchoUser. Well, that sounds easy: provide food, coffee, in office yoga, and company happy hours! DONE!...

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03 03 2016
Posted by Echouser Team
Yoga in the Workplace

Standing desks. Swiss ball chairs. Crazy mice. There’s a long checklist of items for the optimal office set up ­- all to make sure you don’t get neck pain, back...

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