Notes from the CEO

I had planned my first blog post as CEO to introduce myself and re-introduce us, EchoUser. I wanted to talk about how we’re evolving, what I think makes us special… things like that.


The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 situation arrived, turned into a pandemic, and is turning our world upside down. Even in the two days since I wrote the original draft of this post, things changed from strong recommendations for social distancing, washing your hands, etc. to an explicit City and County order to shelter at home. Writing a blog post without acknowledging what’s happening felt inappropriate. So instead, I’ll talk about what we’re doing at EchoUser to address the situation.

The very first thing on our mind: keep our people safe and keep the people we interact with safe.

Over a week ago, we told our team that we expect everyone to work from home until further notice. For those of us working with clients and study participants, we are doing everything we can to make those interactions remote. Luckily, operating in the Silicon Valley for so long, we’re well-equipped and used to working in this manner. Much of our work involves physically interacting with people. Going forward, we’re already applying our experience with remotely executing projects to transform these projects into things we can do with no direct physical interaction. 

We’re thankful that we have the kind of jobs that we can still do safely and effectively given the current circumstances. We look forward to when things get more normal and until then, we’ll do our part to slow down the spread of the virus by following all the guidance that our government and health organizations are asking us all to do. Stay safe everyone.

Rally Pagulayan


Rally Pagulayan

March 17th, 2020

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