You all were the first to learn of our big move East when we announced our DC outpost last month. And, as you may have noticed already, we’ve also minted a fresh look for our website and brand that emphasizes our core belief of making a complex world simple while always chasing the bold.

Turning our sights on ourselves to examine our brand during the last year proved to be validating — and fun. What became evident through the process is we liked the way we were doing things but saw an opportunity to better highlight certain aspects of our personality in our aesthetic. We’re thrilled to reveal our new look!

To complete our news trifecta, we’re also excited to share we’ve moved to a larger office space in the old Financial District of San Francisco, allowing room for additional UX research and design work. With more than three times the space of our old abode, we now have ample room to continue growing quickly. The modern space in the original Standard Oil headquarters building brings a refreshed, cool feel. Feel free to stop by and check it out! Each of these announcements on its own illustrates an important stepping stone for us, but together they reflect our next phase of growth.

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