Excitement is definitely building around the new Apple Watch and the new SDK that will be released this month. We are pretty excited ourselves and found that there are a lot of people looking forward to it as well. Ben Morrow is definitely one of those people and has been running regular meetups here in Silicon Valley to help educate developers and designers about the possibilities the watch will bring. He recently reached out to us about showcasing our recent Apple Watch designs we did for Tinder, and we hosted him and 30+ designers and developers to help them come up with their own designs of popular apps that are out there. Here is a quick summary of the evening’s event:

Seiko Itakura and Yi-Ying Lin, who recently put together their rendition of the Tinder App for the Apple Watch, started by delving into their process and how they arrived on this design.

Afterwards, the group broke out into 6 teams to come up with their own interpretations of mobile apps they commonly use.

Wish you were there to join us? You can actually take a look at all the video of the event by heading over to Youtube to catch the keynote and workshop presentations. Definitely something worth checking out. You can also see each teams’ ideas on happywatch.

For those looking for the slides, you can find the PDF over here.

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