User Experience (UX) as a Service -- UXaaS

Right-sized UX to match your needs

Our clients have many user experience priorities. We provide holistic UX service (research through design) across the full development lifecycle to meet those needs. However, it can be challenging to scope projects ahead of time.

That's where User Experience as a Service (UXaaS) comes in. UXaaS allows us and our clients to adapt UX focus to changing development, business, and technical priorities over time.


In our experience, every engagement, particularly new UXaaS, benefits from Discovery. For UXaaS that includes defining your company's guiding principles and "Your Company/Product Experience" -- a part pragmatic and part aspirational guideline to development, as well as an accountability metric for finished product. With a clear vision in place, we then conduct a design jam to surface high priority issues. These are always fun, creative, and very helpful for prioritizing UX needs (see sample whiteboard brainstorm below).

EchoUser UXaaS Design Jam Whiteboard

UXaaS Tiers

EchoUser User Experience as a Service Tiers

Engagement Examples

Specific engagement activities are customized to your needs.

Tier 1:
  • Iterative design across multiple months
  • Iterative research conducted across multiple months
  • UX advice, guidance, and selected key activity support
Tier 2:
  • Dedicated full-time design resource for ongoing design needs
  • Set of user research or usability activities on a quarterly basis
  • Two designers split approximately 50% time on two products
Tier 3:
  • Small design team supporting 1-2 needs (across multiple activities)
  • Significant user research effort needing multiple resources
  • Ongoing robust benchmark usability testing
  • Large primary UX team across product/company
  • Comprehensive and longitudinal user research
  • Development support

UXaaS has proven to be a dynamic solution for augmenting the largest enterprise product development teams, to being the entire UX team for the earliest stage startups where user experience is central to ultimate success.

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