Senior Visual / Interaction Designer

About us

EchoUser is a growing full-service User Experience research & design firm based in San Francisco, CA, with outpost offices in Boulder, CO, and Washington, DC. We’re looking for strong Senior Visual / Interaction Designers to join our team in the SF Bay area.

We pride ourselves on researching and designing for a wide variety of complex products and domains. Whether it’s enterprise design (e.g., Cisco, Juniper), massive user populations (e.g., Google), multi-faceted systems (e.g., BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit), different experiences (e.g., Gooru, and the ‘learning experience’), or subtle real-life experiential challenges (e.g., bagels, coffee, asteroids, etc.), we like all complexity (and destroying it!).

About the role

This role would primarily involve visual & interaction design across a broad set of projects. Our clients range from enterprise to consumer, Fortune 500 to unfunded start-ups. Products include software, mobile apps, websites, technical tools, hardware, medical devices, services, spaces, public transportation, bagels (yes, bagels), and more. Broad UX skill-sets are a must. We specialize in complexity, whether that is in the product itself, the domain, user population, idea, actual design, etc. Deeply understanding our client’s needs and reducing it to the seemingly simple is a common thread of our work.

While “visual & interaction design” is the label for the primary role, we understand the Hunting the Unicorn conundrum (search for that term and Design Staff, Google Ventures, if you haven’t read that great blog). Basically, all designers are unique. You may have very direct educational and training background. Or you may have a political science, journalist, human factors, or database administrator background. Regardless, you now have design experience and can demonstrate yourself as a great designer in some fashion.


  • Knowledge and skills in visual and interaction design. Wireframes, graphic artwork, design specifications, functional prototypes, concept designs, etc. You should be able to show us work samples that demonstrate your passion for design and breadth of ability.

  • Leadership at a senior level around your skillset. Leadership comes in many flavors. You should be able to talk to some of your past experiences as providing some variation of leadership.

  • Ideally you have experience with ‘big companies’. Many of our clients require a certain level of ‘big company’ professionalism and design detail (in fact, many of them are actually big companies). Having said that, your ability to take all that you know and fit it to a super-charged fast-as-we-can early-stage start-up client is important as well. One size does not fit all.

  • Technically adept with a variety of software products. We are constantly testing new software for clients, from top-end enterprise to mobile consumer products. We are also expected to deliver results across a variety of publishing formats; e.g., simple reports, web delivery, video, etc.

  • Well-versed in “user research and usability”. Given that we wear many hats, no one will be designing in a cave. User research and usability is a core business driver for us. You must be able to participate in these activities to some degree.

  • Some more technical skills. What exactly? Who knows; you tell us. There’s something you do, can build, or know about that is interesting to you and that we’d like to hear about.

  • A degree in a design-oriented specialization or related field is required. Other technical degrees with emphasis or specific experience in these areas are also welcome.

Salary negotiable to level.

How to apply

If you’re interested in potentially joining our passionate crew, please send an email to with your LinkedIn and/or portfolio information.