The Weekly Echo, 3/2

posted by: Kimra McPherson

In like a lion, it’s the first March edition of The Weekly Echo!

It’s always fun when design and research show up in pop culture, and we saw it a couple of times this week — first, when the Oscars dreamed up what a focus group might have said about The Wizard of Oz, then when the staff on Parks and Recreation decided to brainstorm and build a better water fountain.

Related: The Guardian imagines how the Three Little Pigs story might have played out using social media.

Corporate-speak got you down? We like this search engine and dictionary of business jargon — complete with snarky commentary and useful suggestions for clearer, less eye-rolling terms.

Our Friday office debate: Edible food packaging = gross, revolutionary, or only for apples and berries?

Speaking of food, would you grab a cupcake from this 24-hour Sprinkles cupcake vending machine?

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